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Prior Art Search

The objective of patentability search is to ascertain the chance or likelihood of an invention getting a patent especially on the worldwide criteria of novelty and non-obviousness. The scope of the study includes searching both patent and non-patent literature to identify references that are relevant and related to as prior art to the current invention. Patentability Search is an essential step for informed patent decision and IP strategy. LSIP is one reliable company for your patent searching needs. Our professionals have extensive experience in helping global clients in making a critical business decision about defending intellectual property. We are known for evaluating an invention and give insight into the already existing technologies and opinions for forming a strategy to go forward with an application, or not.

Empowered with the most comprehensive set of power analysis tools for researchers who want to quantify research data (patents & journals) into meaningful intelligence

Purposes of conducting Patentability Search

  • May be done by a party wishing to assess a field before venturing thereto
  • Establish that you are not infringing upon existing patents
  • Design around: Identify and understand what the competition is developing, the areas of opportunities, and how your solution is better than the current art.
  • Set up the IP boundaries to keep the infringers out.
  • Why LSIP for Patentability searches?
  • Searching on non-conventional resources
  • Scanning the inventor network
  • Native Language Search capability
  • Comprehensive & Crispy report
  • Comes as a complimentary platform along with the Landscape report
  • Helps you analyze your Landscape report in various ways.
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