Freedom To Operate (FTO)

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Freedom To Operate (FTO)

Before launching your product and service in the market, it is crucial to take Freedom to Operate or Clearance Search. Our FTO search assists in evaluating the risk of the potential infringement and avoid subsequent litigation. We recognize the active patents and published applications incorporating claims which specifies the risk of breach by inventive service or product. Prior to propelling a product or service in the market, it is critical to direct a freedom to operate (FTO) or clearance search. With the end goal to evaluate the risk of potential infringement and avoid subsequent litigation, the association ought to proactively play out an FTO search to distinguish any patents that may possibly guide to the features of the product or service to be launched.

Purposes of Conducting an FTO

Why LSIP for FTO ?
Using combinatorial approach that involves human intelligence, automation and in-house smart tools, we at Ingenious-e-Brain provide a very exhaustive approach of conducting FTO searches.
In addition to active patents, we provide Expired Patents data as well

  • Assessing infringement risks
  • Uncover licensing requirements and opportunities
  • Provide direction to R&D activities
  • Detailed Claim Analysis of all the relevant claims
  • Drug Patents, we do provide clinical trial information
  • Concept Map formulation, In depth analysis of taxonomy and parameters