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Patent Landscape

Patent landscape reports provide a snapshot of the patent situation of a specific technology, either within a given country or region, or globally. Landscapes are used to make strategic decisions on investments, research and development (R&D) directions, competitors’ activity as well as on freedom to operate in introducing new products. LSIP landscape reports have multidimensional technical insights backed by analytics which is valuable for diverse background of people from R & D Industries, Universities and Institutes, Legal and Business personals.

Purpose of conducting Landscape Search

  • Understand the IP for products and technologies
  • Identify key technology players
  • White space analysis
  • Tracking the evolution of a technology
  • Technical insights are supported with analytics and infographics
  • Highlights whitespaces for future opportunities
  • Provide separate analysis and insights for the recent cutting-edge research
  • Quick and Customized Landscape service

Why LSIP for Landscape searches ?

  1. R&D Insights – components, compositions, techniques, processes, alternative technologies, etc.
  2. Business Insights – technology advantage, challenges, high activity areas, low activity areas, future opportunities, competitors, licensing and collaboration opportunities, etc.
  3. Legal Insights – patent protection duration for important technologies of all the players, legal barriers in the technology and possible needs for claim modifications.