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Patent Invalidation

The objective of Patent Invalidation is to invalidate or revoke an already registered/ granted patent claims or for a pre-grant opposition of a published patent application claims. Patent invalidity/validity search aims to uncover prior art which was likely missed during the prosecution stage. Our team can help you in validating enforceability of the claims or invalidate the statements of the infringed patent. Our validity/invalidity search includes directing an exhaustive patent and non-patent literature search to recognize prior art references originating before the earliest filing of the patent. Our comprehensive knowledge of US & Europe patent laws helps us to identify the references which could form prior art based on novelty. Additionally, whether there is a need to combine recommendations for attacking inventiveness in case of the features of the invention are not disclosed in a single reference.

Purpose of Conducting Invalidity Study

  • Assessing infringement risks
  • Uncover licensing requirements and opportunities
  • Provide direction to R&D activities
  • Detailed Claim Analysis of all the relevant claims
  • Drug Patents, we do provide clinical trial information
  • Concept Map formulation, In depth analysis of taxonomy and parameters

Why LSIP for Invalidity Study ?

  • Searching on non-conventional resources
  • Native Language Search capability
  • Crispy Reports comprising
  • References targeting novelty
  • References targeting obviousness