Pharma KPOs A Commodity or Necessity in the Modern Era

Pharma KPOs A Commodity or Necessity in the Modern Era?

top kpo kpo company in delhiPharmaceutical Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is the part of KPOs specialized in work such as research, compliance, analysis, clinical trials, data, regulatory guidelines, market research, and any other work. Top KPO companies in Delhi or throughout India provide these services in the best possible way to their clients.

KPO is a data-based process that is outsourced or done by employees of another organization. Outsourcing is typically carried out in countries where it is cost-effective, either domestically or abroad, and where professional experts can conduct research on behalf of the client. Various types of KPOs are working in the present scenario globally. Among them, major contributors include financial research, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, technical content writing, data analytics, and market research. India has emerged as a leading KPO providing services in the scientific and technical fields. Indian

industry growing revenueKPO industry is currently growing with a revenue of 14 billion USD and in the future, it will grow further. Genpact, Evaluserve, Ugam Solutions, WNS, EXL services, Copal partners, Cognizant, TCS, Edkal, etc are the major contributors to Indian pharma KPOs industries. Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd. is emerging as a leading KPO in India with their data specific, cutting-edge quality services.

Pharma KPOs conduct their search with professional biologists, chemists, data analysts, clinical experts, and information technology experts. Pharma KPOs also provide data insights on legal aspects such as patents, brand studies, information technology, etc. for drug companies.

Why It Is Need Of An Hour?

pharma kpo company in the worldPharma KPOs have become an essential component for many pharmaceutical companies and many Lifescience industries in this era. The increased complexity of drug development has increased the need for specialized knowledge and expertise, Pharma KPOs offer pharmaceutical companies access to global experts who can provide high-quality services at a lower cost when compared to working with their staff. With the help of insights provided by KPOs, the client can analyze the situation and develop strategies for the future.

The best pharma KPOs in the world act as a catalyst for increasing the revenue of organizations affiliated with them by improving their work quality.


  • Cost-Effective : KPOs reduce the cost of work by preventing clients' expenses on operational costs. Clients outsource highly skilled professionals without having to hire additional staff or spend on expensive infrastructure which increases their work efficiency with high-quality service. Companies focus on developing countries where labor cost is lower and the cost of the services is way cheaper.
  • Expert Advice : The KPOs provide their services with the support of experts in their field. This work requires vast knowledge, essential information, and excellent communication skills. In developing countries like India and Philippines, the majority of professionals possess higher education degree and the cost of skills are relatively low which makes these locations ideal for clients.
  • Better Resource Management : When a company outsources the services for their business, their resources are saved that can be utilized elsewhere.
  • Work Management : When a KPO performs ancillary work, the core team can concentrate on primary work which enhances their performance and efficiency.


  • Communication Difficulties : In the majority of cases, the KPO and clients belong to different time zones and locations, which can cause communication delays.
  • Data Safety : Outsourcing requires data transfer, it increases the risk of data theft, selling, tampering, etc.
  • Dependency : KPOs require high level of coordination with the service providers which creates a dependency on them for further processes.

Why Indian Market is Best?

market research outsourcingIndia is the leading country providing KPO services with the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals available. It thrives due to the technologically advanced infrastructure and advanced communication facilities along the country

market research outsourcing

In modern times, pharma KPOs have become a commodity with the increase in the number of service providers. The increased competition leads to a reduction in price which affects the quality of services provided by KPOs. Now, this trend is changing as pharmaceutical companies have started to recognize value over the price of knowledge-based services.

Lifescience Intellipedia is A Leading Market Research Database, And Regulatory

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In conclusion, Pharma KPOs can be considered a commodity and also a necessity in the modern era. Pharma KPOs assist pharmaceutical companies with their resources including highly skilled expert services at very low cost with high-quality results but, they have also become commodities due to fierce competition which can degrade the work quality. However, as pharmaceutical companies realize the importance of quality over price, the trend toward commoditization is changing. With these changes, India will continue to lead top pharma KPOs in the world to provide the best services.