Importance of Pharma Database Services

Importance of Pharma Database Services

database for pharmaceutical companies The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the most booming industry in the lifesciences sector. It is growing rapidly and is estimated to reach 130 billion USD in 2030, while global market value will cross the value of 1 trillion USD in 2023. India is a base for 3000 pharma companies having more than 10000 manufacturing facilities. At this point, a database for pharmaceutical companies is a necessity to get all the required data in one place.

To stay ahead in the race and succeed in this dynamic industry, pharma and other lifesciences companies require easy access to comprehensive and reliable data on different aspects including regulatory compliances, clinical data, and marketing data like customers, client data, competitor analysis, certifications, warnings, etc at on platform for customers curated with new-age technologies like Power BI and Excel.

top pharma database service speciality in indiaLifescience Intellipedia is a top pharma database service specialty in India that offers a wide range of insights pertaining to buyers, suppliers, market size, clinical trial information, patents, certifications, technology transfer, know-how, regulatory insights, warnings, price and current trends for the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Our valuable services have strengthened clients' trust over the last decade by providing insights into market research, business development, research, production, patents, innovative drugs, competitor analysis, etc.

The database for pharmaceutical companies offers solutions to meet all the needs of pharma companies, a few of those include: -

Market Research Data:

market research dataMarket research data provides insights on size, value, growth, due diligence, competitive intelligence, market surveys, techno-commercial reports, landscape studies, patent analytics, etc. The market research data helps pharma organizations to identify the right circumstances, assess risk, and plan for market entry and expansion. These insights are collected through interviews, reports, surveys, and publications.

Sales and Marketing Data:

sales and marketing dataSales and marketing data provides information on the sales performance, market share, and customer behavior of pharma products and brands which helps pharma companies to assess their marketing strategy. The source for sales and marketing data includes receipts, invoices, prescriptions, etc.

Pricing Data:

pricing data Pricing data of the best pharmaceutical database service provider includes prices, information on buyers and suppliers, etc. It keeps you updated with the latest trends in the market, and provide data on competitor that helps you to make your pricing strategies accordingly. These data can be prepared from government websites and reports, price lists, catalogs, etc.

Regulatory Data:

regulatory dataRegulatory data provides insights on standards, rules, and regulations that should be followed by pharma industries, both domestic and global. It assists pharma industries to be compliant with the industry regulations which helps them avoid penalties and unnecessary sanctions. Their sources include industry associations, regulatory agencies, and government agencies.

Clinical Data:

clinical dataThe clinical data provides insights into the safety and efficacy of innovative pharma products before and after their launch. This information is crucial for companies that conduct clinical trials as they can monitor adverse events, sponsors, status of trials, etc. These data can be collected from clinical trials, clinical studies, and government registries.

Indian database providers have an advantage over their competitors from other countries having access to numerous data sources such as we produce over 60,000 generic and branded products covering 60 categories. Our pharma policies support aims for growth and innovation through novel initiatives including Ayushman Bharat, Make in India, etc.


database for pharmaceutical companiesA database for pharmaceutical companies helps both pharma industries as well as the general public. An individual can find any specialized chemical and their companies to fulfill their medical need while pharma companies can benefit from insights on various chemicals, competitive analysis, buyer, seller information, certifications, and many more. These insights help them prepare strategies for the future and avoid risks. These databases also provide the contact information of key persons from companies, it provides you access to directly connect with them.

Some of the leading pharma database service providers in India are:

• IQVIA: IQVIA is a leading global provider of pharmaceutical data and analytics, operating in more than 100 countries, including India. Offering a wide range of data products and solutions, IQVIA covers market research, sales and marketing, pricing, regulatory, and clinical elements of the pharmaceutical sector.

• GlobalData: GlobalData provides an extensive range of data products and solutions that address several facets of the pharmaceutical sector, including pricing, regulatory compliance, market research, sales and marketing, and clinical across 100 countries.

In conclusion, the Pharma database service services are important for an individual as well as any pharma company. These services add insights into various aspects and make their clients make informed decisions in this dynamic industry. India is a hub of pharma industries and their customer-supporting policies help to achieve better outcomes. Pharma database service providers in India offer cost-effective client-oriented data which helps them to enhance profitability in the industry.