ChemData Intel FDF






Downloadable Report


Instant access to global buyers & suppliers info with their contacts for a specific product(s) in an excel sheet

Contact details

Key decision maker(s) of all buyers including name, number and email address

Verified data points

We ensure highest level of correctness & consistency of data points and contact details

Email Sending Facility

One click email to connect all key decision maker(s) of buying company

Technical Aspects

  • Comprehensive database : all combinations with innovators
  • Details of product end application, Route of Synthesis, raw materials for manufacturing
  • Certification coverage of all manufacturers (E.g., WHO-GMP)
  • DMF filings, SPC/CEP info, Para IV, ANDA filings

Commercial Aspects

  • Exclusive coverage of all the global FDF market
    • Brand names
    • Dosage strength
  • Global market size by volume & value
  • Five year forecast : growth or de-growth
  • List of companies taken approval for entire globe esp. Canada and South Africa covering API details, Brand Names, Dosage forms, Pack size etc.